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High Adventure!

The new Kansas Cowboy newspaper is out. This issue is the 10th anniversary of the C.O.W.B.O.Y. Society and its famous paper the Kansas Cowboy. If you are not subscribing yer missing out on the best old west history in print.  
Our story entitled Those Wild Millett Cowboys is worth the subscription rate of $18.67 all by itself. The Millett outfit makes the Lonesome Dove crew look like a bunch of school boys! From his beginnings Capt. Millett was destined for glory. His father fought at the Battle of San Jacinto. He served in the Confederacy and as a drover carved a heroic life from the land we call The Old West. But he certainly didnt do it alone. The Cowboys that rode for Millett were a special breed.  
Millett patterned his outfit after a military order that could hold its own in any situation on the wild and sometimes violent open range. They were known as a tough outfit that shot their way through any situation. All over cattle country the fiercely loyal Millett hands left their mark. From the killing of Sheriff Whitney in Ellsworth to the wild one hour shootout with Caldwell citizens Millett Cowboys made history. 
Their disturbance in Kearney, Nebraska was referred to as the Kearney War. They took over the town of Seymour, Texas, causing the Texas Rangers to be called in to restore order. Many of the men could be subjects of movies. With names like Texas Spence, Junebug, and Scrub Peeler Millett Cowboys turned the everyday doldrums of trail driving to high adventure. From shooting out lights at the Bee Hive Saloon to jumping to a death by hanging at Sidney, Nebraska folks will always remember the Millett Cowboys.  
Is that enough for ya? Heck, there is way more! Ya gotta get yer hands on a copy of the November/December Kansas Cowboy! A year only costs $18.67. Click on the Join The C.O.W.B.O.Y. Society link on this page and you ll be soon riding the trail with Those Wild Millett Cowboys! 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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