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Who But Us?

Election day is as good a day as any to reflect on the subject of politics. I was listening to a radio commentator give his take on socialism. According to him socialism seeks to promote a world economy. And I suppose that is what we have been told and are to understand about socialism. Funny, but isn t that exactly what is developing under the present system of capitalism?  
It would seem that both systems are striving for the same thing while spouting completely opposite philosophies. But is that really true? Mexican citizens are fleeing their own country, a country that keeps them poor while the rich flourish. But is it really so different from the United States? The difference is only one of degree. Yes, money can be made in the good old U S of A, but we are most certainly enslaved to the corporate monopolies that rule not only the American economy but are ever more influential on the world stage.  
Agribusiness has turned the farm into a global factory in which commodities ( food ) are traded for profits sake while small farms die and people starve. The socialist movement in southern Mexico isn t crying out for a global economy. The newborn revolution in Oaxaca is about teachers. It is about small farms and small business. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has all but devastated the rural economy of Mexico driving people into the United States in search of economic survival.  
The elections of Mexico are something of a comic tragedy. The people continue to be governed by an electorate that seeks only to serve itself. They represent capitalism to the extreme. Fascism comes to mind. The irony in the turn of events is that 14 million people have fled Mexico in hopes of finding a better life in the United States only to find that they have become criminals by their illegal crossing of borders. While at home the ruling party only won by 200,000 votes. What could 14 million votes have meant if they had only stayed at home to renew their country, to take it back from the hands of the elite and place it in the hands of the people.  
So, we have people crying out from their poverty for justice. And in their desire for justice they turn to socialism with its tenets of compassion and equality. Is that so very different from those courageous men who stood together to form a new government of 13 states for the people against the tyranny of an unjust King? 
Around the world the United States is loved and hated at the same time. Perhaps we are hated because of the world influence of the corporate structure that uses our freedoms to subjugate the rest of the world. Perhaps we are loved for those very same freedoms that allow us to live in relative security from the totalitarian systems that exploit people to the point of suppressing even their very essence.  
So what is the point? I guess I am wondering what in the world we are doing not only to ourselves but to everyone else on the planet. We casually acknowledge our freedom while giving it away in bits and pieces. When people around the world rise up against tyranny we often are on the wrong side of the fight especially in our on hemisphere. It would seem to me that as a government founded on individual freedom we should always defend freedom in what ever form it may take.  
So what if the movement is socialist. If it doesn t serve the people they will rise again! And in each case the United States should represent the people. Dissatisfied people will always gravitate toward freedom. Let a socialist government rule. It can only satisfy its people as long as they have personal freedom. Sooner or later the people will find what we in the United States enjoy.  
I may be idealistic but it is pretty obvious that supporting big business and big politicians hasn t done the trick. You and I have become nothing but numbers to them. We don t need socialism. We just need real Americans to stand up for who they are. America represents something very special to the world. Are we going to let the greed of the multinational fascists pervert this nation? The United States of America has at its core the ability to lead the world to a new dawn where people really matter. Who else will do it? 
So Long, 
The Cowboy  


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