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Is This Any Way To Run A Country?

They say that for everything there is an equal and opposite effect. I m wondering jest what the heck that has to do with politics!  
How come when it comes to political activities we have to have everyone fighting over what is right and what is wrong? Yeah, I know there are lots of people out there with all kinds of differing ideas. But this whole idea of Conservative vs. Liberal never has made sense to me.  
I once heard a conservative wonk spouting off that a person had to be either conservative or liberal or else he just was a coward with no opinion. That is where I had to get off that ride and set my feet on solid ground. Cuz you know something? That fella don t have a lick of sense and everybody is sitting around listening to him like he s the greatest mind on earth.  
Let s talk about courage. What kind of courage does it take to run with the herd spewing the party line? Near as I kin tell yer running with the herd for security. Anything steps foot out on the open prairie all alone tends to become a target. But in the case of politics the funny thing is that there are a WHOLE lot of loners out there. They aren t really alone they just don t realize prairie, or in this case our country is covered with free thinkers who don t necessarily believe the line of ***** that the leaders of the political parties are putting out.  
Who IS the majority in U.S. politics? Perhaps it is the Silent Majority that was spoken of so long ago, but in this case the silent majority is made up of commonsense people who sit in the middle between the so called Democrats and the so called Republicans. Courageous people don t need to run with either party. Common sense is somewhere in the middle, so why don t we recognized the power of common ground?  
It s pretty obvious, from the state of our national leadership, that polarized politics comes to nothing but chaos and confusion. It s about time real people told these phony baloneys where to go. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy  


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