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Cowboy Dreamin'

I spent the past few days doing what a Cowboy is supposed to do, Seat In The Saddle! I started out Thursday evening. Kassi helped me set up a big wall tent out in a place we call the Faris Pasture. Before she headed back to civilization she cooked me up a mess of apples with brown sugar and cinnamon. My belly is still smilin! 
I like to sleep out under the stars but I guess I m getting old cuz that little wood stove heat in the tent sure felt good on the bones. The sky was clear with a beautiful tapestry of stars. I went outside in time to catch the moon rise and later at night with the moon overhead thin clouds passed swiftly overhead giving the impression that the moon was racing across the sky. It was actually a bit of a shock until my eyes adjusted to the fact that the clouds were moving beneath a seemingly stationary moon.  
The brisk morning air brought me to consciousness just as the light was breaking on the horizon. My little hideaway valley had been visited by Jack Frost creating a masterpiece for my eyes alone. Soon I had bacon sizzling in the pan. Nothing like a good breakfast in the open air. Throughout the day I prepared for a Cowboy outfit to join me in taking in the wonders of nature. Grizzle Bear, Trap, Zerf and my son Michael joined in on the Cowboy fun. Over the next few days we rode over the far reaches of the pasture inspecting cattle, grass, trees and geological formations jest for the fun of it. A little roundup turned into more than we bargained for when my normally docile bovines decided that they wanted to go north when we were trying to convince em to go west. But Heck! That jest made more fun for us. Even though it did bring the sound of a few blue words ringing over the prairie. It wouldnt be the real thing without a Cowboy or two blasting the air now would it?  
We dehorned a few calves. I told the fellas I didnt want em going away without blood on em and I don t thing I was disappointed.  
I guess I have ta mention how the hosses jest didn t want ta stay put behind the rope corral. A little five mile run got em warmed up the first morning. I caught Dolly heading away from the corral in the middle of the second night. Problem was that when I heard her snort I jumped outta my bedroll without my boots. So, when I caught her by the neck she stepped on my toes! I yelled like a wild Comanche which brought Zerf on the run wondering if he was still dreamin. So we had a few downfalls. Guess that jest makes up part of the fun.  
The evenings were filled with stories and music. It was so calm that the smoke curled straight up to the clouds. Of course, good chuck filled our bellies and Kassi made us all feel like Kings when she dished up an oven full of Peach Cobbler!  
All things come to an end and everyone headed home much too soon. I woke up this morning in my bed and fer a split second there I thought for sure it was all jest a dream. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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