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A recent television program featured the whole controversy over our government s reaction to terrorism. A lot of things were discussed but one comment caught my attention above the rest.  
The observation was made that as the leading nation in the world we had a responsibility to Lead. Our actions are under a microscope all across the world. If we want a better world we need to live by actions that present the highest level of morality to nations and people. Sounds nice and I don t disagree. I am just amazed that the people making that proposal are talking mainly of our interactions with foreign nations and people.  
How are we to be an example to the world with a rural economy that is in shambles? Our farms, ranches and agricultural communities are under attack from the huge corporate machine that is waging war on not just American families but on the world community at large. It is a silent war, but a war none the less.  
Our example to the world should be viable small agriculture. We should be placing as many people on the land as possible in an effort to bring back the vitality of rural America. But instead our government continues to lead rural America to destruction. 
Independence has a lot to do with owning land and self-determination. Are we now saying that the founding fathers of the United States of America were wrong? What is the real message we are sending to the world?  
When are we going become REAL leaders? Rural America is dying. Third world conditions exist in our cities. Our leaders are corrupted and influenced by international corporations whose allegiance lies with profits and not America.  
We will never truly lead until we get our own house in order. But that will take courageous people. Too few Americans have any idea of the responsibility they bear upon their shoulders. To guard against the enemies of freedom means much more than serving in the military. Preservation of freedom requires scrutiny, integrity and a will to make things better. I m afraid those qualities are all but dead in the LAND OF THE FREE. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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