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I m not one of those disciples of Oprah Winfrey. I ve seen her show a long time ago once or twice. I figgered she is one of those talented folks that has worked hard to get where she is and more than likely deserves all the celebration.  
So, it was with great interest that I watched her show on Tuesday. Her Big Adventure across the United States was supposed to take her through the west of Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. What I watched was just a little disturbing. I may be wrong but I was under the impression that Oprah had come from humble roots and could identify with us little folks. If that truly is the case, judging by her actions on her Great Adventure she has unequivocally lost all connection with common life. 
She was appalled and rightly so at the 3rd world conditions put upon the Navaho people. She and her friend Gayle wondered how people in the U.S. could be living in such a way. Doesnt she have any idea that rural America is suffering. The Salt of the Earth Americans are suffering at the hands of the wealthy elite. Its not just Indian reservations, its back country folks who often live in the places they do for the sheer love of the land, or out of family tradition. Our country is filled with 3rd world conditions sometimes right in the midst of our greatest cities. Then we see people like Oprah, Ted Turner and others of their bilk turn their heads away in favor of people who are starving overseas. Not that we all shouldnt be concerned about poverty throughout the world, but come on now, Why dont those with money care about our own?  
Then, Oprah decides to get a room for the night. The Wigwam Motel sounds rustic! A comment is made about it being a Mo-tel instead of what is obviously her usual digs, a Ho-tel. Isn t she cute& You know she could probably walk in Drovers Mercantile in the state she was in at the Wigwam and I wouldn t know her. What a hoot to watch Gayle and Oprah as the gal behind the counter asks where they are from. They are dumbfounded that someone in America might not recognized Oprah! But the real clincher to the Wigwam story is that Oprah and Gayle neither one can stay in the surroundings provided. It s just too much too ask! Oprah has a look of help me on her face. The next morning we see them leaving not the Wigwam Motel but some other more modern motel. Oprah is really experiencing America.  
So, she runs through one little town after another. She makes a big deal out of eating ice cream at a Dairy Queen especially since she hasn t been in one in 7 years! She is completely out of place in what is an icon of Americana. So what are we to make of this? 
Why does Oprah swing such a big stick in America? It obvious that she has no connection to the real America. I once knew a man who had come from humble beginnings and made it rich. He honestly believed that the blood of wealthy people was different from the lowly normal people of the world. Don t ya get that feeling from Oprah? I wonder how that works when ya aren t born with that special wealthy blood? Sometime during the night the blood fairy flits into yer bedroom and performs a transfusion?  
Well, if that is what it takes to become wealthy I think I would prefer good old RED American blood and the common sense that it must provide. The rest of us may not be cute& but at least we aren t completely out of touch with life and what it takes to live it well. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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