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The Mysteries of Peace

Muslin outrage at statements made by the Pope have made quite a stir in the religious world. Most observations put the focus on the Pope s statements as inflammatory inciting indignant Muslins to react. More and more however the world is recognizing the violent nature of the reactions as confirming the Pope s quote of a 14 century emperor.  
It is all so very revealing and yet Muslims and the world community seem powerless to halt or alter the extreme nature of Islamic fanatics. The obvious point that must be made is that Islam MUST deal with its own fanaticism. The world doesn t need another Holy War. Islam doesn t need another Holy War.  
Christianity went through its own reformation realizing that forced conversion is really no conversion at all. Inquisitions have nothing to do with God or Allah. They in fact have everything to do with evil and destruction.  
Our world is one of confusion and chaos that try as we might will no doubt never be conquered without divine intervention. One of the greatest lessons humanity is still ignoring is that we are mere mortals with all the frailties of human nature built in. Which of us is so divine that our wisdom is great enough to handle earthly endeavors with perfection and balance? The best that we can hope for is to reach an understanding of our differences and strive to live together as best we can.  
Where is God in all of this? Perhaps he is letting the stage play to its final act. Clearly none of us are truly acting in His name. Only through our vain imaginations do we act. Who can know the answer? Our only hope is to strive for peace. One wonders if the dove that represents peace also represents the elusiveness of a bird on a wing. Peace has always held its own mystery and most probably will, until Shiloh come. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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