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Gift of the Gods

This morning the earth was blanketed with a steamy fog. The air was slightly cool and yet a warmth seemed to close in as I walked to the pens. The horses came up to be fed prancing into view as if passing through a gateway from another world. Which set me to thinking about the mystical presence of the horse.  
What’s this? A Cowboy dwelling on ethereal contemplation must be some sort of anomaly. No, a Cowboy may not often speak of otherworldly things, but he often feels them deep inside.  
Those hosses moving so gracefully out of the mist, stirred within me ancient memories of a time when man first recognized the beauty of this fine animal. Can you imagine the wonder of witnessing close at hand the majestic power of rippling muscles, flaring nostrils and flashing eyes, with mane and tail flowing effortlessly on the wind. My heart POUNDS to think of it! 
What exhilaration that first person must have felt as he heroically mounted this beast of the gods and rode over the plain as though nothing on earth could stop him. Having only known dogs that could run in the manner of these wonderful animals, the Indians called horses Sacred Dogs. And even today, the air of a horse seems to say, “I am a gift from the gods.” 
It’s hard to explain the feeling of flying over the prairie, wind fannin’ in yer face, while unbelievably powerful muscles ripple between yer legs. The motion is exhilarating. No wonder horsemen down through the ages viewed themselves as superior to men bound to the ground. Riding a horse was man’s first experience to the sensation of flying! 
Horses are often used as therapy for physically and mentally handicapped people, because the spirit of the horse quickly becomes a healing energy to those who get in touch with the nature of the animal. 
With all that going for him, no wonder The Cowboy has such an overwhelming presence in the minds of people all around the world. Of course, ya need cows ta be a Cowboy, but ya certainly won’t fill his boots without a hoss! 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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