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Natural Lessons

It is absolutely amazing the way the prairie responds to rain. We have gone from stark brown country to a beautiful canvas of greens overnight! One measure of the drought we were experiencing was the need to mow the lawn. I m not one to maintain a perfect lawn just for the scenery. Watering the lawn is not a priority. So when the rains stopped coming in the spring the lawn sort of had to take care of itself. Until this past week we had mowed the lawn only twice this year. It just didn t need it. The lawn actually held a nice appearance but it just didn t grow. Then the last 3 inch rain came and before we could get the mower out the grass was deep and still growing.  
We finally got through the jungle that seemingly came upon us without warning. Now, I am sure that I have seen it grow once again before my very eyes! While not being all that enthused about the lawn, the pasture is another story. The grass turned from dead brown to green with the new rain and while it has not grown quite as quickly as the lawn it is growing and providing a succulent sustenance to the cows. If there ever were contented cows mine are every bit the satisfied bovines of the plains. 
Make no mistake. The drought is far from over. We still didn t get enough moisture to cause the water to run. Our ponds are still as low as ever. One good thing about the system that has brought this late summer breather is that it has also lowered the temperatures. I am certain that evaporation rates have decreased allowing us to conserve the water that we have received.  
Living with Momma Nature isn t always so easy but it sure can be an education. I reckon we will just keep going along looking forward to tomorrow and the new schooling it will bring. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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