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We ve certainly had our share of pinkeye in the cowherd this year. We don t like using antibiotics on our cattle and refrain from any kind of regular regimen of vaccination. With pinkeye however an animal can loose the vision in the eye if something isn t done to stop the disease in its tracks. Cattle can go completely blind.  
So, we have monitored our cattle this season very closely for any sign of watery eye which usually occurs in the early stage of pinkeye. The good part of it all is that we have spent more time than we usually do on horseback checking and gathering sick ones. Sunday morning I rode through the cattle where they were loitering around a pond. Upon finding a bad-eyed cow I turned my cowhoss, Moon loose on the cow. She would of course want to return to the herd but Moon did a fine job of keeping her headed toward the pens about a quarter of a mile away. Actually the more they fight the more fun it is as Moon wheels and spurts in any direction to cut the cow off and keep her under his control.  
At the pens the cow runs through a couple of gates and soon is captured. All I have to do is jump off of Moon and close the gate. A few swings of the rope and I usually catch her around her horns. They don t choke that way. Then I tie her off to a post, fill the syringe and give her the shot. All the while Moon waits patiently until the job is done and the cow is turned out. Then we head back to the pasture. 
Three times we chased cows to the pens. Oh, some Cowboys might pasture rope their cows. I never was all that good with a rope. And besides, the greatest fun in my mind is being on top of a good cuttin horse that can turn on a dime. Purty exciting!  
I looked real hard for a fourth cow, but the rest of em were all clear eyed. That s a good thing, but I sure did have a lot of fun chasin cows! 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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