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The Curse of Bein' Me ~

Ive been doin things so different from most folks that lately Im beginning to question myself. I was listenin to a radio commercial tellin me how wonderful their particular bacon was. Now, Ive had that bacon and Im here to tell you these folks must have taken their cue from P. T. Barnum. I used to raise my on pork. We fed em good wholesome home-raised grain and provided natural supplements to produce the healthiest animal possible. We butchered at home, sugar cured the hams and bacon and smoked the meat with apple wood. Makes my mouth water jest thinkin about it. P. T. and his boys obviously dont know what real bacon is supposed to taste like. 
Seems I been doin things backwards all my life. The land I farm doesnt make enough money to make a decent living, but it isnt scared with ditches from careless farming practices. Wildlife abounds in and next to agriculture and my pastures dont look like the top of a pool table at the end of the grazing season. 
Along with Linda Kohls (Kassi) I publish the Kansas Cowboy which tells history the way it really happened instead of some far-fetched idea that continually festers in Hollywood. I get comments like, I read the Kansas Cowboy from cover to cover as soon as I get it!  
Kassi & I run Drovers Mercantile where we still think the customer comes first. We offer old-fashioned customer service and try our best to offer an affordable product. Still, nothing I do really ever makes money. Guess Im not devious enough. It sure nuff galls the heck out of me to watch the crooks get richer and me get poorer. Guess Im bound for trouble cuz I jest cant bring myself to be anything other than who I am.  
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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