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Who's Who?

So, Im gonna ask the question. What if the people who call themselves Jews are not really Jews. Wouldnt that be really sad to find that jealousy for a birthright ran so hot that a people actually conspired to annihilate the Jews and steal their heritage? That in doing so they actually took upon themselves a curse that has followed them through time? Sounds like a really good novel except that it most probably is true.  
So, folks are running around the Middle East screaming holy war against a people that are not who they appear to be. Its all a big family squabble with deadly consequences. The whole world could very well be drawn into this domestic disturbance and for what? Tradition?  
Just because grandpa believed it to be so doesnt necessarily make it right. Theres a lot to be set straight in this world but I dont think anyones listening& 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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