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Boiling The Pot

Maybe living out on the prairie gives a fella a different perspective on the world. I know for a fact that Im not among the majority when it comes to world politics. Guess that really doesnt matter. I figger Im gonna step on quite a few toes but what the heck, I might as well let everyone see this old world through the eyes of a Kansas saddletramp.  
The Middle East is flaring up again and a whole lot of people are going to suffer for nothing. There is quite a bit of wrangling going on over the presence of a people on land that just about everyone in the region claims as the home ranch for their particular religion. Jews, Christians and Moslems and probably a few others all have designs on a little piece of real estate that supposedly means a great deal to their god. Isnt it interesting that their god is the very same god. I purposely present god in the uncapitalized version because to tell ya the truth, I dont think any one of them has a clue who their god is!  
People are dying for tradition. Tradition can mean many things, but in this case it mostly means there is a whole lot of coveting going on and the last time I checked all three of the religions interested in the real estate are supposed to believe that coveting is wrong.  
Now Im not so perfect that I havent coveted along the way. Probably done more than my share of it, but I dont guess I ever wanted kill anyone for what they had. So, just what has this tradition gotten us? The pots a boilin and its filled near to the brim with hatred. Now thats a hell of a way to run religion. Makes me want to run to the nearest sanctuary and fall on my knees! No way!  
That pot is gonna boil over for sure and the sad part of the tale is that no one has the intelligence to turn down the fire. That might get in the way of tradition and we sure wouldnt want to do it different than ol grandpa did it, now would we? 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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