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Hearts and Minds Of The Future

Saturday The Cowboy had the pleasure of attending graduation services for two sons. Ian graduated from Fort Hays State University with a degree in geography. He has been filled with curiosity about life in general. Geography offers the opportunity to utilize mapping skills and various technological innovations such as satellite imaging. Fun stuff! 
Guy graduated from Quivira Heights, a unified district of several central Kansas towns. Guy loves football and is going on to Dodge City Community College with the intention of contributing to an up and coming program.  
With all of their accomplishments I am probably most proud of the desire they both have to look for answers to the growing problems of rural America. Neither one of them has that I just want to get out of here attitude. They may move on to larger communities but within the heart and mind emotion and data are being stored away for thought provoking answers.  
I continue to believe that we are living in an age of revolution in agriculture. Big business is vying with the everyday farm and ranch family for control of the food supply. One reeks of subservience. The other celebrates liberty. Which would you choose. That choice is moving into the hands of a new generation. I know at least a couple of young fellows that take the future seriously and Im very proud to call them my sons. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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