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Strong Hearts

I hate to be a doomsday prophet. Maybe Im way off base, but the current set of politics is about as ominous as I can remember. The United States of America may well appear to be immortal, but great nations seem to always find a way to destroy themselves.  
I have noted often in this here Cowboy blog that the very foundation of the American economy can be found on the farms and ranches of this land. The farmer is the start of the commerce chain. Modern economics has forgotten that essential fact. Our economy is in fact built upon thin air. Even Houdini could only last so long. I hate to say it but the great levitation act that our politicians have lived by for nearly 100 years is about to come crashing to the ground.  
I used to think that a return to sound agrarian economics could turn the ship of state around, but we just may have waited too long.  
Britain once saw itself as the great peace keeper of the world. Noble ideas often have a way of bringing the lofty to depths that could not be fathomed. Defense of our nation is one thing, but if the argument that the Soviet Union spent its way into bankruptcy in a vain attempt to keep up with the United States the same argument holds true for the U.S. as we blindly throw dollars toward Saving the world.  
At the same time our borders are severely broken. Perhaps Im just old fashioned. Good fences make good neighbors has always been the creed of rural America. I never knew a neighbor who was offended by his own neighbor building a good solid fence. It was a sign of mutual respect. Now we suddenly have folks saying that its OK to slip over on your good land and trample the life out of it. All the while creating a third world economy in the nation that is supposed to be the shining light leading the world out of economic poverty.  
The good old U.S. of A is being backed into a corner from which there is no retreat. So, as our economic foundation crumbles multi-national oil companies throw us to the ground tearing away what little self-respect we have left in an orgy that can only be compared to the pillaging and rape of barbarian hordes of long ago.  
I know Im carrying the examples to an extreme. Im sounding a cry of panic to a trembling nation. Exaggeration can be claimed, but what does it take to get our people off their couches and into the streets? Here goes another lame analogy. Will we fiddle away while Rome burns?  
The current set of politics is ever more ominous than I can remember. The United States of America may well appear to be immortal, but this great nation is stumbling exceptionally close to an abyss from which there is no return. If ever there were a time for strong hearts, it is now. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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