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Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Race!

Howdy from the backroads of Kansas! Ive been a longtime away from this here Cowboy Blog. Im always getting myself into new things and I think Ive gone and got myself in a whole lot deeper than I kin handle. But, I guess Im hard headed, cuz I keep charging straight ahead anyhow.  
Lets see& I raise cattle, run Drovers Mercantile, try ta keep up with the C.O.W.B.O.Y. Society, write most of the stories for the Kansas Cowboy, post new stories most everyday for CowLog (Rural News You Can Use!) and NOW, Im helping head up a horse race!  
I guess I keep looking for new things ta do, cuz try as I might, I still dont make a decent living wage! I have to admit, money always seems ta run the other way in all my endeavors. But, I caint quit! Its like the story of the fella that hit it big in the lottery. When asked what he planned to do with it, he jest shrugged his shoulders and said, Guess Ill jest keep farmin til its all gone& 
Well sir, Im jest a bit more than optimistic that this horse race is so big it cant fail. The Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Race is scheduled for the Fall of 2007. One rider and 10 horses will make their way across the plains from Santa Fe to Independence, Missouri, ala Tour de France! The whole thing will take about two weeks riding the Santa Fe National Historic Trail. Well, actually, we will not be directly on the trail, but paralleling it most of the way along the Santa Fe Trail Auto Route. 800 miles for a $100,000 purse!!!  
Were still working out the details. Keep coming back to the Cowboy Commentary as we put this thing together. Its gonna be a hoot! 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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