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A Silent Wonder

While driving across the backroads a few days ago I happened upon a familiar site in rural Kansas. I knew what was coming long before I got there. From a distance I could see a grove of trees sheltering some farm buildings. The branches appeared broken giving a ragged look that was unmistakable.  
Drawing closer to the homestead dilapidated outbuildings gave further evidence of an abandoned farm. Overgrown grass and a dark shell of a home confirmed my original suspicion. But I wasnt prepared for the twisted rusty sign appeared out of the weeds just at the entrance to the old drive-way.  
Each year farmers around the state are recognized as special stewards of the land in soil conservation. Those farmers are the cream of the crop. They are families who are dedicated to the land and to its future which only served to drive that twisted steel post deeper into my heart as I read Kansas Bankers Award through the rusty paint.  
If there were ever a sight that spoke volumes about the miserable state of affairs in rural America this pitiful little sign murmurs everything that could ever be said. All I could do was wonder...  
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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