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Will It?

I couldnt believe it when I walked out of the door Thursday morning in my shirtsleeves and was perfectly comfortable. This winter is certainly one for the books. All the nice weather has been pleasant, but many here in Kansas are wondering what is in store. Environmentalists tell us that this event or that event is warning us of a dire future. Kansans would tend to agree, although not on such a grand scope.  
Growing up in Kansas means that somewhere deep in your soul the spirit of a meteorologist is lurking, observing and making judgments based upon the immediate environment round about. We know that if the weather does anything at all, it changes! Cycles are recognized as the natural way of things. Will it ever rain? Will it ever stop raining? Weve all asked the question and, yes, it always changes.  
Right now central Kansas is teetering on the edge of a drought. Dry weather has plagued nearly everyone around us and we havent seen a whole lot of moisture for quite some time. We had a nice snow a while back, but the winds are taking a toll on surface moisture. The way this winter is going we may not see another snow. Maybe Spring? 
Will it ever rain? I bet it does. Jest not gonna bet when. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy  


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