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Quiet Coup

Exxon/Mobile announced record profits today while America suffocates. The reality smells very much like a political coup. Big Oil has bided its time and is now moving to flex its muscles. Let them eat cake comes to mind.  
If lessons were to be learned from the French Revolution the one at the top of the list is dont ignore your staving constituents. Cheap food became the policy of governments around the globe as leaders shuddered at the prospect of angry mobs bringing them down from the ivory tower of administration.  
Big Oil has far outrun the sovereigns of old. Who in this world is willing to stand up to them? Theyve counted the cards on the table and boldly shoved the chips forward. Which one of us will give up his job rather than pay the fuel costs it takes to commute or maintain business? Mass transit may work for some but rural America derives its economy FROM space. The lone prairies and high mountains are the storehouses of American wealth whether it be food, fiber, coal, timber or precious metal. Rural America cant just breathe a somber sigh and continue.  
Rural America has more than the overbearing oil regime to deal with. Government policy has driven small farms, ranches, and towns to near oblivion with the old cheap food policy to placate its populace. The lessons of the guillotine have not been forgotten. In doing so the politicians have neglected to recognize the potential for overthrow from a new monarch, an example which can readily be recognized in Big Oil.  
National allegiance plays no part in the realm of the mult-national corporation. Profits rule. The scheme is not lost on the leaders of multi-national food and fiber. Agribusiness is moving to dictate our daily lifestyle through the food we eat and the clothes we wear. Personal choice is still ours but only by a small margin. When Big Food decides that our food supply has been threatened by some real or imagined source who will be able to stop their maniacal of not just out pocketbooks, but our stomachs. Dont think it cant happen because it already is happening. With each farm and ranch that goes out of business, not because of poor management but because of policies that keep the vast majority at bay, freedom slowly strangles until it breathes no more. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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