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Winter Daydreams

Michael and I were out riding on another beautiful January afternoon. Weve been exceptionally dry and warm this winter, but I must say that the colors of this winter have been extraordinary. The yellows, browns and reds of the prairie stand out as though painted on a great canvas. Yes sir! This is one for the books. The winter of ought 6 will be one that is talked of for years to come around these parts. 
We were ambling along on our favorite hosses, taking in the sights and feeling about as calm as can be when the brush began to tremble a short ways off. Out into the clearing darted 4 or 5 deer, their white tails flagging in air with excitement. We knew that there was a single wire electric fence just ahead of them and knowing what a mess they can make of the wire I watched with anticipation wondering if they were going to crash right through it. But pretty as you please, each one flew into the air leaping gingerly over the wire at full speed. They passed through the high grass and were soon over the hill and out of sight.  
How would you like to be on the back of one of those? Michael looked at me with eyes sparkling. What a ride that would be! I heartily agreed and thought to myself, Now, that is truly a Cowboy observation! I wondered how many Cowboys of old watched the deer bounding away and thought to themselves, If I could only get on the back of one of those, it would be the ride of my life! Dont reckon its ever gonna happen, but Boy Howdy! that would be fun! 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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