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Thawin' Out The Windmill

When the temperature drops into the single digits overnight life on the range changes just a little. Were still not feeding hay except to some young cattle shut up in the lot. The cows are on dry grass and with a little protein in the form of range cubes theyre doing pretty good right now. Most of the cows are in a spring fed pasture with makes winter feeding GREAT! At least I dont have to break ice.  
Unfortunately, we dont have spring water on every location. The winds died down overnight and must have allowed the windmill in the home pasture to just slightly turn during the night keeping water just above the drain in the pipe. Everything was stuck tight this morning. It is usually not much of a problem to thaw things out. I just wasnt prepared for it. No matches! I usually used empty feed sacks. I pile them around the water pipe set them on fire and in no time everything is working fine. But, this morning besides no matches I didnt have but two empty feed sacks.  
So, I headed off to the local grain elevator. Everyone out on the plains of Kansas has a local gathering place. Here, its the elevator. I was able to pick up a dozen empty sacks, get some matches and high-tail it back to my windmill in no time. The cattle had gathered round jest ta see what I was up to. Didnt take long& About 6 sacks worth of warm fire and fresh water was once again flowin into the tank. The cows seemed to appreciate it. 
Looks like cold weather might stick around fer a while. Guess I better keep them extra sack around fer awhile. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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