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Cowboy Habits in the Fall

Frost is in the air. The grass has turned to reds and browns and recent rains have added new green growth underneath. Sure is purty! This is the time of year when Cowboys find themselves roundin up cattle, weanin calves, sortin cows and generally doin all the things that Cowboys live for. 
Pickups and livestock trailers are comin and goin down back roads and highways. Horses are loaded so often that they pretty much load themselves anytime the gate is opened. It is also a time when the local sale barns get active. Calves start comin in off the range and buyers find themselves competing for attention from the auctioneer and ringmen. Down at the sale barn cafĂ© stories are bein told about the past summer and the coming winter. The smell of hot coffee and hot beef sandwiches fill the air. Top it all off with a piece of pie and ya got the typical Cowboy meal on sale day. Caint be beat!  
Yessir, Fall in cattle country is a great time of year fer a feller who loves hosses, cattle and Cowboy conversation. Stop by a local sale barn and see fer yerself. But watch yerself& It might become a habit! 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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