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Cow Log

I raise cattle, run Drovers Mercantile, write and publish the Kansas Cowboy, and once in a while crank out a message on the Cowboy Commentary. Now just to fill up my spare time I just started up a new webpage! Yep! Anyone who reads this here Commentary knows that The Cowboy has a passion for rural America. I don't see why with a concerned effort we can't revitalize small town and small farms all over the country. I'm not ready ta throw in the towel and I don't think a lot of folks are ready either.  
It seems to me that one of the problems is the loss of community. When folks get together the bond of connection through interaction can often move mountains. So, I'm hoping a new form of communication can serve to build community all across the country. Cow Log is a source of news information gathered from all over the country ABOUT the country.  
Cowboy stories, farmers, small towns and good down-home rural news can be found in newspapers from coast to coast, but we seldom hear of anything outside of our own area. That has all changed with Cow Log. I hope everyone bookmarks so you can check it out every day! Ya never know where it might lead! Get out yer address book and let everyone know theres a rural revival just beginnin' and its on!!!! 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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