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The world just did a quick spin for The Cowboy as I just became a grandfather for the second time on Tuesday. What can you say about birth? There is wonder in every moment. My son Cody is married to a great gal of Swedish descent. The family says there’s some Scottish blood mixed in along the way.  
I get a big kick out of family history and truly enjoy searching out all those roots. My own family has quite a mixture of various European foundations. We even have a little Native American along the way. I’ve actually lost track of the tribe which is a shame, hopefully we’ll figure it out one day. But, most of the blood is of Celtic or Gallic origins. I have always been very proud of my McLin heritage. Scotch, Irish, Welsh all figure prominently with a strong dose of English. They say the Gray name goes back to Normandy on the mainland of France. William the Conqueror is said to be our cousin and there are fabled connections to Malcolm the first King of Scotland. Its all very romantic and somewhat mysterious.  
All I know is that Haley McLin Gray carries a heroic heritage no matter if those larger than life names have anything to do with her heritage. Each generation has seen its own share of blood, sweat and tears. Each of you reading this has a heritage filled with epic accounts of survival through the ages.  
So, I ask Cody, “What does Haley mean?”… “Oh, I really don’t know, Kristin and I just thought it went well with McLin.” A web search brought a pleasant surprise but perhaps one that should have been expected. Haley is of Scandinavian origin meaning “Hero”. In this family there is no doubt. Haley is our beautiful Heroine! 
So Long, 
James McLin Gray 
The Cowboy 


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