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Farmers' Market

While Kassi & The Cowboy were in Wichita town we headed out to the Old Town Farmers’ Market as we had plenty of time before Old Cowtown Museum opened up fer visitors. It turned out ta be pretty good advertisin’ fer the Rails to Trails event as I, of course, was dressed Cowboy and drew lots of attention at the market.  
Kassi was lookin’ fer peaches while I was “Jest Looking”. Wow! Did I get a good look! The folks at Old Town are sure nuff runnin’ a good market. I found that unlike some of our little Farmers’ Markets in the small towns of central Kansas a feller can spend all morning perusing the goods and also enjoying entertainment. We talked with Dave Duncan, the manager of the market. He operates an urban farm inside the city limits of Wichita named Six Acre Farm. He left the hustle and bustle of a 9-5 job jest to enjoy the freedom that his little farm affords. Now, he sits back and watches everyone else rushing off to a job and rushing back home every weekday while he tends to his crops. Not that he isn’t heavily involved, it is easy to tell from the enthusiasm in his voice that making the Old Town Farmers’ Market a success is a passion and one that requires a great deal of time.  
If you happened to read my little tirades about Reality back on July 15 & 19 you’ll understand my delight at the success of these small farm operations. They are Agriculture’s only real hope in this country. These folks understand that as a nation we need to preserve the “culture” within agriculture. While farmers and ranchers caught up in Agri- business ventures pretend that they are independent, these small farms are showing us what independence and self-reliance are truly all about.  
All of us need to help them out. They are the patriots carrying on the traditions that this country was founded on. Check yer local papers and find out about the Farmers Market in your area. They are usually operated on Saturday mornings. Spend some money you won’t regret it. 
As fer The Cowboy, I found some gals from Yoder selling my all time favorite, Gooseberry Pie!!! A young couple operate Your Bakery in Wichita, and insisted that their Wheat Bread was “The Bread Of Life”. Couldn’t resist.  
When we got back to Old Cowtown Museum I tried out that bread. MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! It was so good I nearly made a meal just out of that wonderful “Bread Of Life”. Then… Kassi & I dug into the VERY BEST gooseberry pie I ever ate! No kiddin’! I was in Heaven for sure. 
So Long fer now, 
The Cowboy 


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