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Good Summer

Just thought I had better update ya on the condition of that pink-eye cow. She’s all cleared up. I thought maybe she’d have a “blue-eye” which is a permanently cloudy eye that has limited if any sight left. But, she’s clearin’ up nice as can be. That calf with the “runny eye” cleared up even faster and has no sign of a bad eye at all.  
At this point in the season we’ve had very good luck. We’re runnin’ a little on the dry side. Ponds are receding. Grass is brown, but when ya study the grass up close there is still a good amount of green close to the ground. Cattle actually do pretty good on “hard” grass as opposed to the very succulent green grass.  
Its been a good Cowboy summer. Looks like the same for Fall. Before ya know it we’ll be weaning calves and preparin’ fer snow. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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