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Gut Feeling

Lately I’ve had a gnawing feeling in my gut that I can’t quite shake. It’s the feeling that the United States and perhaps the world is about to have one of those shifts that changes the whole balance of things. Civilization goes through upheaval and renewal ever so often and I guess that gnawing is somewhere in the realm of cultural renewal. 
I’ve been harpin’ for a long time about the loss of rural community. While I view that loss to be significant the “feeling” tells me the coming repair may be much more than small farms and ranches.  
President Bush just may have lit the fuse in his response to Hurricane Katrina. It seems in all the hustle and bustle of daily survival we, as a people, have forgotten what it means to be American. We’ve continued on our merry way, doing just what we pleased and paying no mind to “the other fella” for so long America has just about slipped through our fingers. Is racism the cause of poverty? 
I sure racism plays a part, but the true cause of poverty is greed and self indulgence. And greed can be found in all its glory in the corporate world. The term “world” doesn’t just refer to the atmosphere in the multinational companies. They have positioned themselves to take over the world with no real loyalties to any nation.  
But that’s where that gnawing feeling comes in. Just perhaps, the big boys have over stepped! A search of the internet brings up numerous sites that are focusing on just this very problem. The old charade that agribusiness somehow is the heir of the romantic small farm is wearing very thin. Consumers are asking “where does my food come from?” And more often than not food is coming from sources that are disadvantaged and moving in a general direction of slavery. That may sound like an emotional overstatement but the plain truth is that in the eyes of the multinational conglomerate the general population exists only to further the desires of the Big Boys.  
All the while we are kept busy with concerns over whether racism causes poverty. Every race has had its day. Every race is filled with great minds and souls. Its time that America lives up to its potential. Our diversity is our strength. Americans should ALL be proud of where we came from and who we are. I may be jest dreamin’ but that gnawing feeling tells me Americans are about to take back their country. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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