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This Is The Life

Ya may be wonderin’ what ever happened to the big cowhunt that took place last week. You know, the cows got away… Well we waited a couple of days and headed back to the pasture, this time with range cubes to entice the herd a bit. Range cubes are protein supplement fed to the cattle on the ground. They lick ‘em up like candy! 
So, this time we called the cattle to the truck and lured them close to the cattle pens while shaking a sack a cubes. The cattle are used to the rustling sound of the cubes in the sack so they generally come on the run. Should have done this the first time.  
Once the cattle were gathered near the pens Michael & Kassi hit the saddle. With that sack of range cubes in hand I walked into the pens with cattle at my heels. I spread the cubes on the ground and before I could get to my horse to help Kassi & Michael had ‘em penned.  
But, the tricky part wasn’t over… One of the cows that we planned to load had a history of jumpin’ out of loadin’ pens. She was much older now, but still, I was nervous about crowdin’ her. Several attempts to herd “Ol’ Wild Cow” into the loading pens finally succeeded and best of all the other cow and calf that we wanted were with her. Cautiously we guided the cattle to the trailer. They balked. My heart jumped into my throat as Wild Cow’s eyes surveyed the sky above the panel. Then, she turned back toward the open trailer and pranced right in!  
It was near sundown and we still had to get the horses home. We’d never done it before, but we figgered ta give all three hosses a try at loadin’ side by side in that trailer. Dolly, had been so excited to go earlier that she had done just that while we weren’t lookin’. So, we unsaddled the horses and loaded the two youngin’s first. Dolly only had ta get her nose in an open spot an’ squeezin’ away she sure ‘nuff loaded up and we had three hosses abreast in the trailer!  
As we headed home with storm clouds billowing in the west Michael & I jest smiled. This is the life! 
So long, 
The Cowboy 


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