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The American Way

If America can be identified with one enduring symbol it is Cowboy. Olympians parade around the track in Cowboy hats. “Gunsmoke” still plays on airways around the world. Foreign visitors most often want at least one picture in an obvious Cowboy setting.  
Word is that Cowboy is back in style with Americans once again. Of course, the trend is toward an image of the 20th century Cowboy, often with big belt buckles, blue jeans and high-crowned straw hats. Some folks might consider that Cowboy. We lean toward the opinion that there are many ways to be a Cowboy and that is just one way.  
We may never be in style with our Old West pull-over shirts, Cowboy vests, and frontier pants cinched up by grand old suspenders, but dang it, these great old styles sure enough draw attention! Folks everywhere know at a glance that yer a Cowboy, cuz they’ve seen them clothes in the best of the Cowboy movies offerin’ up the authentic Cowboy who once ruled the range.  
America may toy with many differing styles through the years, but the country always returns to the symbol of freedom that lives in each and every one of us; the Cowboy. As we always say, “Never Sell Yer Saddle” the Cowboy Way is the American Way. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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