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Rails To Trails

That gentle soaker I spoke of last time turned into a regular deluge in parts of Kansas! Kassi & The Cowboy headed out on Friday evening for Old Cowtown Museum in Wichita. As we traveled south the rain increased to the point that windshield wipers could barely keep up even at slower speeds. As we looked out across the landscape small lakes covered what was normally pasture and crop land. What a DEAL!  
All day Saturday was more of a fantasy world than even the living history folks normally experience at Old Cowtown. Showers and mist moved in and out with a continual cloud cover throughout the day. Now, ya might think the scene was depressing in some way, but far from it! The air was cool and extremely comfortable for a mid-summer day! I thought it was pert near PERFECT!  
The weekend was Cowtown’s annual Rails to Trails event commemorating the coming of the railroad to Wichita and the explosive cattle trade that was naturally attracted to the Kansas railheads. The Moore Ranch of Bucklin, Kansas, drove somewhere’s around 50 head of Texas Longhorns through the streets of Old Cowtown Wichita to the oooos and ahhhs of the visitors than lined the old streets. Drovers Mercantile did a fine business and we all enjoyed the Cowboy camaraderie.  
As I get used ta this here blog idée I’ll do my best ta give folks a “heads up” for upcoming events. But, if ya don’t wanta miss out the best way ta keep up is with yer very own copy of the Kansas Cowboy! If ya don’t already subscribe you’ll want ta give ‘er a try. Check out our C.O.W.B.O.Y. Society page at  
So Long,  
The Cowboy 


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