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It's Bound To

Kansas can turn on ya in the blink of an eye. Just a few weeks ago the grass was green, crops were shootin’ up and every fellow that ya met had a smile on his face. Then the sky grew clearer and clearer. That old line, “And the sky is not cloudy all day,” isn’t always the best thing, especially when the sky hasn’t had a cloud in it for days.  
A few days without rain are not unusual. A week or two is certainly common for Kansas. Dry weather just seems to slip up on a fella and before ya know it 100 plus degree weather piles in there and suddenly the smiles are gone.  
Kansans generally take it in stride. “Another hot one.” “When do ya think it will rain?” “It’s bound to one of these days.” A lot of folks head fer the air conditioning. I guess I shouldn’t be one to talk about the fair weather folks. It has been fairly cool inside Drovers Mercantile. But, actually, if those famous southern breezes of Kansas blow the heat isn’t all that bad. I’ve found that if ya don’t dwell on the temperature and jest live out the day 104 in the shade can be downright tolerable! Not what I would prefer mind you, but tolerable.  
The crops are burnin’ up. Cain’t find much ta be positive about that. But, the pastures actually are built for dry weather. We all prefer green grass all the way through summer. I imagine the cows do, too. That said… native grasses actually put more weight on the cattle when dry. Hopefully the cows haven’t grazed off all that luscious leafy growth we got up until the rain stopped. In a well managed pasture the dry grass will not only carry the cows through it will keep ‘em healthy. I reckon my pastures will hold this season. 
So, I might be soundin’ all confident and I’ve painted the picture of The Cowboy as a tough Kansas hombre. I kin take what ever Mamma Nature dishes out… Ya still might catch me gazin’ at that clear blue sky once in a while and wonderin’… “When do ya think it will rain?” 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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