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Summer Rain

Out on the wild cattle range things can get mighty dry by this time of the year. When the grass crackles under yer boots ya know its been a while since the dew of heaven has blessed the earth. Cracks are another good indicator. Once they become wide enough that ya have to maneuver ta get around ‘em a fella’s eyes jest naturally turn toward the relentless blue sky.  
At first I thought I was dreamin’ when a distant roll of thunder gently tapped me on the brain in the middle of the night. Then, another “roll of the drum” confirmed that at least somewhere out there on a warm prairie night parched soil was coming to life as coveted rain gently soaked into the ground. No, this wasn’t one of those cloud bursts that wash away everything in sight and don’t ask me how I knew in my state of diffusion somewhere between wakefulness and sleep, but I somehow was aware that this was a loving act of regeneration.  
The thunder drew closer, a gentle shower caressed the earth and all was right with the world. I was drawn outdoors beyond walls and shingles and for a moment something inside of me sighed… Mother Nature is the ultimate director and Summer Rain is the star of the performance.  
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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