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The Happenin'

The Cowboy spent Saturday, July 9, in Marquette, Kansas. Marquette is nestled in the Smoky Hill River valley just a few miles below Kanopolis Reservoir. The surrounding Smoky Hills provide some of the best cattle grazing in Kansas with a great mix of Big Bluestem, Little Bluestem, Buffalo Grass and the Grama grasses. Most times the cattle are in Heaven!  
My reason for bein’ in Marquette didn’t exactly have anything ta do with grass and cows. No sir, it was a little thing called, The Happenin’. Somewheres around 130 folks traveled to Marquette from all over the state of Kansas to have a little family gatherin’ of members of the Kansas Explorers Club. We brought along potluck. We bought groceries and generally explored the nooks and crannies of Kansas as we traveled to Marquette.  
The Kansas Explorers Club is an outgrowth of the Kansas Sampler Foundation . Explorers recognize that rural Kansas is a great treasure and we are doing what we can to support rural communities all across the state. For the most part, explorers travel individually or in small groups. The idea of a summer social was conceived to bring explorers together in one place to have a good time and support a small community in a significant way.  
The destination was kept a secret until about a month ago. Then, we only made it known to our Kansas Explorers and to the city of Marquette. Marquette enthusiastically welcomed the Explorers with a welcome packet, cold water and door prizes. A German band out of Salina was even on hand playing music while we mingled and chowed down on several picnic tables full of food. Businesses downtown were certainly happy to see us and I am sure many Explorers will return to Marquette in future travels.  
Thanks to Marquette for bein’ such great hosts. And if yer wonderin’. “How do I get in on this Happenin’ thing?” All ya gotta do is join the Kansas Explorers Club fer $18.61 per year. Cuz, we ain’t lettin’ the whole world in on this fun… No sir! Only Kansas Explorers will know about the next Happenin’. We’re into travelin’ the backroads of Kansas. This outfit is lookin’ fer folks that will “Dare To Do Dirt!” Have ya got what it takes? 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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