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Is There Anybody Out There?

First off, we had a GREAT celebration for our 10th anniversary last Friday, July 1st. All kinds of Yahoos took the time to be with us to mark a milestone in Kansas Cowboy history. Ya cain’t find any better people on the face of the earth!  
That said… Where the heck is everybody? I am firmly convinced that the propaganda of an improving economy has about as much substance as the vapors of that high priced automobile exhaust. Radio and television reports tell us that Americans haven’t slowed their appetite for gasoline in the face of escalating prices. All I can do is observe my own pocketbook, and that observation comes to only one conclusion.  
Americans HAVE cut back on travel and they most certainly have cut back on spending. The past six weeks have been devastating. Not only is almost no one coming through the door, but orders have dropped to almost nothing on our website. Venders are calling, saying that business has fallen off. So, where are these reporters getting there information?  
I feel a little like the steer being shoved along the alley. He’s been in alleys before. They always lead to an open gate. But, every steer eventually comes to his final gate. Let’s hope there is green grass on the other side… 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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