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10 Years

Where were you 10 years ago? Kassi & The Cowboy opened up Drovers Mercantile July 1, 1995, and Boy!.. we sure didn’t know what we were getting’ into! The whole idea at the time was to do something based upon the cattle and Old West history of Ellsworth. Drovers Mercantile was modeled after the old mercantile houses of Ellsworth’s hey-day. The Old Reliable House of Mayer Goldsol was the most well-known, so we fancied ourselves to be the reincarnation of that Old Reliable House set along the very street that had once been a cattle trail.  
In Ellsworth, Cowboys had once purchased new duds before heading back down the trail. Why couldn’t NEW Cowboys plus historic minded tourists do the same? Well, today, we’re sellin’ clothes to workin’ Cowboys, shootin’ Cowboys, reenactin’ Cowboys and even fittin’ up their lady friends. While we’d like to see more visitors, turns out that tourism part of things has never garnered much more than a trickle.  
We’ve met all kinds of wonderful folks and our lives have been filled with so many larger-than-life stories that we hardly can remember them all. Ellsworth has a wonderful history, but we like to think that history is being made at Drovers Mercantile pert near everyday! Our Kansas Cowboy paper continues to reel out some of the best of the Old West, especially from the old drover perspective. I do believe it takes a special kind of person to appreciate the work we put into the Kansas Cowboy. I think folks that read it have the ability to put themselves right there ridin’ “Hell bent for leather” in the middle of a stampede or swimmin’ some rain swollen stream jest ta get a herd of hide and bones to some far off railhead fer the boss.  
We’re always lookin’ for more of those people to support our efforts to keep the spirit of the old time Cowboy alive. I guess, in a way, that’s what we were doin’ 10 years ago when we opened Drovers Mercantile and… 10 years later that’s what we’re still doin’. Thanks to all the Yahoos out there ridin’ for the brand. You’ve never sold yer saddle and speakin’ for Kassi & The Cowboy I gotta say we appreciate your loyalty. Yahoo!... 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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