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A Gentle Soaker In July

The sound of a gentle rain throughout the night just does something special to a man’s soul. I do believe I woke this morning more refreshed than I have been in a while. A gentle soaker in July in Kansas is about as near to heaven as we can hope ta get. Various shades of brown mixed in with softly faded greens are usually the norm for the prairie as we enter into mid summer. This year the greens are brilliant! The grass is growing and the cattle are content. If ya had to order up the weather you couldn’t have done a much better job. Oh, we had some 100 + degree weather earlier this week and everyone was draggin’ complainin’ about the heat, but that jest makes days like today even more enjoyable. Think I’ll go back outside and take in a little more o’ that enjoyin’… 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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