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Musk Thistle Review

I know I haven’t kept up the communications very well. Every time I get to working on the next issue of the Kansas Cowboy I get pretty focused. I tell myself, now ya gotta get something written for the Cowboy Commentary, but I just never seem to get there. I got a couple of nice responses to the Musk Thistle piece. So I figger I’ll just pass their comments along. Hope ya enjoy ‘em as much as I have! 
From Linda Hanney(C.O.W.B.O.Y. #1445):  
Dan & I enjoyed your commentary on thistles. One year Dan spent many hours in our pasture, feeling good about getting them cleared out. Then one day on our way out our driveway, we spotted one in our front yard near a building!  
The Cowboy – Musk Thistles are tricky. I think they may actually be an alien life form… 
From Dave Boyd ( C.O.W.B.O.Y. #572)  
Howdy Jim. I found your comments on the musk thistle rather interesting. I remember my grandpa's battle with thistles. (He's the one I dedicated my western music CD to.) He too was determined to leave his farm west of Wetmore, KS free of those nasty weeds, but he had a neighbor across the fence who did absolutely nothing about the many weeds growing on her property. Consequently, he fought a losing battle that some of his family credited with cutting his life a little shorter than it could have been. He spent most days in the summer trying kill all those weeds on his property. One thing I remember him and Grandma tlking about was the time they were driving into town to do their Saturday grocery shopping when they came upon a car at the side of the road with an out of state tag. They stopped to see if anything was wrong and they were totally shocked when the lady from New York or somewhere towards the east coast told them she had seen those pretty purple flowers and just had to stop and pick some... I'm sure he would have gladly let her take all she wanted from his property! Of course that gal wasn't alone in admiring those flowers. Awhile back I saw a brochure on wildflowers printed and distributed by the Kansas Department of Transportation's Environmental Section. Sure enough, one of the "wildflowers" shown in the brochure was the musk thistle... I just thought you might find that interesting. 
The Cowboy – Just goes ta show ya… The prettiest of things kin be a nuisance in the wrong place! 
So Long, 
The Cowboy  


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