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What is happening on the Great Plains? The plains are changing. Or perhaps one might say they are regenerating. If you’ve read the Cowboy Commentary for any length of time at all you are well aware that rural agriculture is dying. Modern, gluttonous agri –business has maneuvered into position to usurp the heart of America. It is not something that I welcome, but perhaps it is inevitable.  
The other side of the coin shows the possibility of a future that borders on the sacred. When the Indians danced frantically to the drums of the Ghost Dance all so many years ago they believed they were dancing their ancestors back to populate the land. They believed that if they danced hard and long enough that the European culture that had devastated them would recede, that the prairies would renew themselves and the buffalo would return. Perhaps they were right.  
With each year more and more farms become history. Yes, their neighbors take up the slack as each farm grows bigger and bigger, but that can only go on so long. The land will be here long after the last tractor turns the ground upside down. 
What is happening in the Great Plains? Everlasting Change. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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