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Jack Rabbits

Driving along the same country roads for decades can reveal subtle changes that might seem to be sudden to the casual observer. Jack rabbits were hunted out of this country 50 years ago. Over the years an occasional Jack rabbit shows up usually running helter skelter down the road in front of a careening pickup. Seeing a Jack rabbit is such a rarity that the tale often makes to the elevator or coffee shop where farmers and ranchers gather. “Yeah, I saw one a couple of weeks ago, running along in front of the tractor!”  
Well, this morning I saw THREE all on the same road at the same time! Musta been a population explosion! While I’ve seen ‘em one at a time for years and maybe even saw two purty close together once it has taken 50 years for their numbers to grow to the point of seein’ a whole party of ‘em. I hear tell that the coyotes have just about run through the cycle of devastating mange. Maybe one of these days we’ll get some sort of balance going again. I kinda like racin’ them long-eared rabbits along the country roads. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy  


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