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National Security & Multinational Corporations

Last evening’s news carried a story about Homeland Security, our nations ports and multinational corporations. Longshoremen were gathered giving attention to the fact that security in our nation’s ports has not improved at all since 9-11. Goods are streaming into the United States at an alarmingly increased rate as countries like China step up marketing around the world.  
One particular speaker noted that security is being threatened while multinational corporations continue to rake in huge profits. And that my friends is the crux of the matter. I don’t know what we can do about it, but the multinational corporations have moved into a position of world dominance. Nations? That is really old history. While we pretend to be secure within the borders of the United States corporate giants are becoming the new nations. Nations with allegiance to only one thing… profits. We can build up armies and design new weapons to defend against the waking giant of China or the scattered bands of religious terrorists, but one true enemy of freedom for you and me can be recognized in business that knows no borders.  
We’ve been saying it for years. Agri-business has moved well beyond the borders of the United States with no allegiance to America or its farmers and ranchers. They have swelled to gargantuan proportions while sucking the very life out of the agriculturalists who made this country strong and vital. At the same time these predatory companies “capitalize” on weak economies around the world thereby multiplying profits to the point of being obscene. It is becoming all too evident as farmers, ranchers, workers and thinkers recognize the “wolf”. One wonders where this game of cards will lead. We haven’t “folded” yet, but I’m not so sure we’ve even been playing at the same table. Cowboys and professional gamblers were always a bad mix.  
So Long, 
The Cowboy  


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