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Seven Springs Corral

If ya know anything at all about Kassi & The Cowboy, you know that we are VERY into the Cowboy history of Kansas. Our Kansas Cowboy newspaper is dedicated to preserving that history. One of our C.O.W.B.O.Y. Society members, #1445, Linda Hanney keeps a fun blog called Linda’s Backroad Musings. This past week she posted an article and some pictures of an historic site that is particularly significant to the development of the cattle trade in 1860’s Kansas. 
Joseph McCoy is recognized for turning Abilene, Kansas into one of the most famous cattletowns in history. But, few people realize the effort that went into establishing the famous Great Western Stockyards. Before Abilene he had actually chosen a site at Fall River, Kansas, but eventually selected Abilene.  
Linda Hanney brings to light a little known piece of the McCoy history with her documentation of the Seven Springs Corral. You’ll want to check it out at  
Thanks, Linda for helping to keep that history alive! 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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