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Unexpected Fun!

Michael and I were treating some cattle for lice. Everything was going good but just as we were finishing up a roll of thunder surprised us from the west. The sky had been relatively clear and with our attention on the cattle we hadn’t noticed the storm brewing in the sky.  
The problem is that the cattle aren’t supposed to get wet for at least 6 hours after they are treated. It looked like the storm was still quite a ways away, so we decided to go to the house and check the radar on the “Weather Station”. Sure enough! The radar showed clear skies until all at once a system just popped up out of nowhere in central Kansas. Typical Kansas weather especially in the Spring. It looked like this cell was moving mostly north, so we had some time to work with but we were going to have to do something with the cattle.  
Luckily we have a cattle shed that is just big enough to hold the cattle we had been working. The cattle were soon snug in their dry quarters although they weren’t at all happy about it. They were milling about trying to find a way out but we knew they would settle down once they realized there was no way out to green grass.  
We saddled up and pointed the horses toward the pasture. With nothing to do but wait for the rain we figgered we might as well have some fun. The ride was especially pleasant. The approaching rain churned up a southern breeze that was “jest right” as we rode over the carpet of luxuriant grass.  
After quite some time the rain still hadn’t arrived. Another herd of cattle waited in a nearby pasture. We knew we couldn’t treat them as we had no more shelter, but we could still have some fun, so we gathered them up and drove them to the pens. There, we sorted a few cows out from horseback and cut back a few in the sorting pens. This kind of job sometimes can be pretty strenuous when a Cowboy’s in a hurry ta get the job done. Sure makes a difference when yer doin’ it for fun! We had the grandest time and even the horses were havin’ fun as they seemed to sense the absence of tension that usually accompanies these events.  
Well, we finished up playing about the time it began to sprinkle. Rather than unsaddle the horses we jest headed for the horse shed. It is a pole building with the south side open. Under the roof Cowboys and hosses watched as the sprinkle turned to a regular downpour! I reckon if I had been plannin’ on getting all kinds of things done I’d been a bit on the edgy side, but instead I could just lean back and enjoy it all. What a relaxing day! We eventually unsaddled the horses, hung the saddles from the rafters and ran to the pickup. Might as well have walked! Got pretty well soaked.  
Drivin’ down the road I don’t think ya could have pried the smiles off our faces with a crowbar. Every once in a while thinks jest work out even if its not the way ya planned it! 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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