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The Cowboy

I have spent the last week working on getting the next issue of the Kansas Cowboy ready. I still have to check cattle and take care of business at Drovers Mercantile so something has to give and that something is the Cowboy Commentary. Baby calves are still fallin’ from the sky at home. Green grass is growin’. Today, was a bit on the chilly side for this time of year. It was in the 40’s most of the day. I think we finally got up into the 50’s in the late afternoon. Its gonna clear off and possibly freeze tonight. Springtime in Kansas can be jest about anything you can imagine.  
I am very proud of each and every Kansas Cowboy. This one is no exception. We are doing our best to keep the old stories alive. The May/June issue if chock full of great Cowboy stuff! Miller Brothers 101 Ranch Wild West is the second installment chronicling the great 101 Ranch history. The 101 grew to be the world’s greatest Wild West Show featuring the likes of Tom Mix, Bill Pickett, Will Rogers, Hoot Gibson, Buck Jones and even Geronimo!  
Caldwell, Kansas was on the Chisholm Trail. The very first community inside the Kansas border. Caldwell, Kansas, was hard on its marshals. Wild Cowboys on a spree ended George Brown’s career as a lawman. You won’t believe how his killer came to an end! 
We were planning on publishing a story on drover, L.B. Harris, but new information arrived from one of Harris’ descendents just days before going to print. In order to do the story justice we postponed it. The July/August issue will feature our L.B. Harris who blazed a new cattle trail to Ellis, Kansas in 1873. We’ve always wanted to know more about this pioneering cattleman. In L. B. Harris, Frontier Cattleman we have his amazing story beginning with a childhood surrounded by the men who fought at the Alamo! You couldn’t write better stuff for the movies!  
Why not sign up with the C.O.W.B.O.Y. Society! We’re sure enough lookin’ forward ta seein’ ya in the saddle! Jest send in yer $18.67 an’ you’ll be set ta go fer great year in the Old West. All the information can be had by clicking on “Join The C.O.W.B.O.Y. Society” at the right. And Remember - “Never Sell Yer Saddle”! 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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