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Cattle Business

I’ve spent the past week nurse maidin’ baby calves. The calf that was born by cesarean last Saturday picked up what it known as bloody scours. Its a little like diarrhea in calves but much more serious with the loss of blood indicating damage to the intestine. So, I hauled him back to the vet’s office. They cleared him up of the bloody scours but told me that the calf had septicemia which is bacteria in the blood and an inability to fight it off through immunity. The vet told me I might as well take ‘im home as he probably had a ZERO percent chance of survival. I guess we fooled him cuz the calf is a picture of health, runnin’ and jumpin’ in the green grass with his mamma right now! Sometimes things work out. 
We’ve had a few other problems with calving. Lost one calf that the mamma just took too long in delivering. It happened about 4 in the morning and I just wasn’t there at the right time to help out. Its all part of the cattle business. All in all, things are going well. Sure do enjoy those little fellas romping and playing. Wish I had that much energy! 
So Long, 
The Cowboy  


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