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Spring Gather

We just finished up the C.O.W.B.O.Y.S. Spring Gather at Ellsworth. I’m all wore out, so I musta had fun! Each spring we set up an old-time Cow Camp just south of the Smoky Hill River in Ellsworth. We just sit around and lie to one another. A few of our Yahoo friends break out the guitars and banjos and jest a little bit o’ singing carries on around the campfire. And Victuals! My do we have victuals! Eatin’ is a fair part o’ the camp. 
Seems like every spring I have ta run off to birth a calf and this one was no exception. Michael called me in the late afternoon on Saturday. Kansas Jack and The Cowboy were soon on the trail to the ranch. We got there and upon checkin’ the cow, we got out the pullin’ chain and proceeded to help mama deliver that calf. It didn’t take too much tuggin’ to come to the conclusion that this one was gonna require the help of a veterinarian. My suspicions were that she was in need of a caesarian.  
We loaded her up in the trailer and soon Michael was tearin’ up the road with me and Kansas Jack in hot pursuit.  
At the vet’s office things proceeded about as they did at home. The chains went on the calf’s legs, the vet checked things out thinking their might be a possibility of pulling the calf, but a good steady tug from the calf puller along with an educated inspection of the proceedings convinced him that a caesarian section was the prudent course of action. A nice slit in her side and before ya knew it we had an alert calf laying on the concrete floor. 
Kansas Jack got quite an education throughout the whole thing. The vet gave us a crash course in animal biology as he sewed the new mama up. Cow and calf were loaded back onto the trailer. Michael headed home and Kansas Jack and me headed back to camp. Just another “day in the life” of The Cowboy.  
I like to be in control of my realm, but these Yahoos give me fits. Earlier, I had tried ta keep young “George Smith” in line with a bullwhip. He took me down and dang near put me at death’s door. I was laughin’ so hard while he was wrestling me down I couldn't git ma breath. Now, here I am back in camp an’ they’re a makin’ fun o’ my singin’!  
Honestly, we all had a great time. The evenings were perfect! The camp was a perfect example of why we do what we do. The best friends are made in the light of the flickering fire, bar none! 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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