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Babies In The Spring

Been watchin’ the cows for babies lately. We used to calve in January and February when the cold wind blows and the snow has a way of turnin’ the country white. Somehow it just never seemed natural. I can’t imagine any animal plannin’ on birthin’ in the barren winter. So, we waited a while last year to put the bulls out with the cows. Now, we’re just starting to have baby calves just as the grass is beginning to grow. Instead of a white landscape we’re lookin’ at green an’ I have ta tell ya, green grass under a new born calf is a whole lot purtier than white snow.  
So far the mammas seem a lot happier, too. They aren’t bowin’ their backs to cold wind trying to get out of the weather ta have their calves. They have enough to do just making sure that calf gets up and gets a good start on life with a belly full of milk. It seldom takes long for the calves to get up and runnin’ but the warm sun goes a long ways towards giving everybody, includin’ me, a good attitude.  
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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