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This time of year the weather doesn’t seem ta know what it wants to do. Here we hit the first of Spring and instead of warm relaxing days we have cold wet ones. The whole thing is sort of unsettling. I’ve been trying to write something all week, but every time I sit down at this computer my mind goes blank. I just can’t seem to get the old creative juices going. So, I figured I’d just write about the uncertain state of blankness.  
They say that wisdom is something to strive for. The great sages all allude to reaching a clarity of mind in the endeavor to attain the wisdom of the ages. I’m thinkin’ that I’m on the verge of a Great breakthrough after the past week cuz my mind is just about swept clean of thoughts. Presently there is an immense vastness where animated thoughts used to dwell. Nirvana here I come!  
Oh… I went and ruined it! I just had a thought.  
I was thinkin’ of a beautiful Spring day with me sittin’ under the shade of a big ol’ Cottonwood tree. All the world is laid out before me and not a care in the world is tracing through my veins. 
But, then again, maybe that thought was my first seed of wisdom! Just what could be more important in life than our most enjoyable pleasures. And if I can’t quite have the real thing on a cold and dreary Spring day, well then… I figure I’ll jest sit back and dream about it. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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