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You kin certainly tell that it is March in Kansas! A step outside in the early morning confirms the weatherman’s prophesy of yet another windy day. It is easy to tell that the wind will be blowing as a gentle zephyr is already kissing the landscape. The calm that generally spreads over the prairie as evening darkness takes command has taken a vacation. Overnight winds while not unbearable find a way to breathe until the first rays of morning daylight. 
That zephyr soon turns to a gale with gentle warming of the sun. The wind is a natural part of life for prairie people. The very name, Kansas, is taken from the Kanza people who once populated the fertile Kansas River valley. People of the South Wind recognized and took their name from the natural force that shaped their very lives. Kansans are in spirit with generations of people who have lived and loved with the ever present essence we know as wind. 
The most recent issue of the Kansas Cowboy carries a story published in 1879 by the Lakin Eagle, “Does It Blow In Kansas?”, Without a doubt the weather, and especially the wind have always been foremost in the thoughts of Kansans. 
“In some states they have high winds but NEVER in Kansas. It is terrible windy just across the line in Colorado but it never or might say seldom ever blows in Kansas.” The piece goes on to say many things including that the gentlemen here carry a pound of shot in each of their breeches legs to keep them right side out and that they cling so tenderly to the young ladies due to their devotion and certainly not for fear of the wind.  
Many who come to Kansas think that it is a windy country but having grown up here I find that I really only notice the wind on days like today when it blows a gale. The rest of the time the wind is blowin’ but it just wouldn’t be normal if it didn’t. I reckon if the wind stopped all together I’d loose my balance and fall flat on my face!  
So Long, 
The Cowboy  


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