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Mornin' Wake Up

The morning chores get to be pretty routine. After a while yer workin’ on automatic as everything seems to pass by in a near state of unconsciousness. I try to guard against it but it sort of sneaks up on a fella now and then.  
I guess I had slipped into one of those states of mind this morning. I had driven out to the prairie hay field to pick up one of those big round bales of prairie hay. I backed up to the bale, set the bale fork and slid in under it. I don’t have one of those fancy hydraulic bale haulers. Nope! It’s the Cowpokes life fer me! I have a bale trailer with a hand crank winch to pick those big fellas up off the ground. It always feels good ta get that bale cranked into position.  
I hop into the pickup truck and head fer the road nothin’ much on my mind. It was a nice morning and I suppose I was just enjoyin’ things all around. Out on the road I survey the countryside. I DID notice the fresh green growth of a plant we call poison hemlock and made a mental note that I need to go back sometime and dig it out. I’m sure I’ll be writing about poison hemlock in the future.  
The top of the hill is also the intersection of two country roads. I automatically turned to my right as I have done thousands of times before. Suddenly I was startled from my automated lifestyle by a spirited encounter in the middle of the road about 40 yards ahead. Two bobcats were fighting and Boy, was it a show! They would face each other and leap up into the air with paws clawing the air and boxing each other as they came crashing to the ground with all kinds of acrobatics taking place. I felt like I was watching some sort of feline Ninja competition. The fight continued eventually rolling into the ditch as I drove up to them. They could have cared less if I was there. Each cat had only his opponent on his mind. I have never been so close to wild bobcats before. They are known for their muscular build and at this vantage point I could see why they can be so dangerous to dogs and other domestic animals. I guess I sort of spoiled the balance of nature as one seemed to be gaining on the other. I yelled out and that finally got their attention. The stronger one immediately ran off, but the other had apparently been hurt. He slowly gathered himself up and moved quietly away.  
Nothin’ like a good cat-fight ta wake ya up in the morning! Moments like that are the ones that stay with you for a lifetime. That is what makes living out beyond the sidewalks so special. A feller needs those special moments once in a while. Lucky for me they come around just often enough ta keep me from forgettin’ that I’m livin’ the good life. 
So Long,  
The Cowboy  


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