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A Yahoo Mail Carrier

A week ago while I was still busy throwing words together for the March/April Kansas Cowboy I heard someone come in the door at Drovers Mercantile. I finished up my thoughts and headed up front to greet whoever was entering my domain. As I stepped out between the racks of Cowboy clothes a gal turned from the rack of Cowboy music and with dancing eyes asked if I was The Cowboy that wrote the stories on the internet. 
“You bet! I’m the one.” She introduced herself as Linda Hanney and that she enjoyed reading my thoughts as there were so few blogs with a rural focus. She and her husband were finding my writings thoroughly enjoyable.  
Of course, when ya write something like this ya really don’t know what folks are gonna think. It was certainly nice to hear that someone was actually reading this here Cowboy Commentary. Linda is a rural mail carrier for Berryton, Kansas which is just southeast of Topeka. She also writes a blog of her own entitled Linda’s Backroad Musings.  
We spent a very enjoyable time talking about writing, the Smoky Hill Trail, Junction City, my own family roots not far from Linda's mail route, and probably lots of other things I don’t recall. Before she left Linda also picked up other things that I have done like the booklet I wrote about Fort Ellsworth, the CD “Around the Campfire with the Cowboy”, and she of course had to join the C.O.W.B.O.Y. Society. She now rides with the Yahoos on saddle # 1445. 
Linda has a delightful blog. She combines her own rural insight with very nice photographs of birds, a Kansas sunrise, and even The Cowboy. I’m not sure but I think she named her mail truck Yahoo! She chronicled her visit with lots of great comments dated February 23, 2003. You can find Linda’s Backroom Musings at  
Thanks Linda! Sounds like yer the modern version of the Pony Express ridin’ ol’ Yahoo an’ carryin’ the Overland Mail.  
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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